Youth Network Event

The 2021 edition of the Youth Network Event will take place online, on 25 and 26 February. Around 100 youth organisations from all across Europe are expected to participate in the event!

Co-creation is at the heart of the Youth Network Event. Youth organisations from all over the EU – especially local and regional ones, and those focusing on disadvantaged youth – get a chance to gather and meet up with the Youth Outreach Unit of the European Parliament. Together, we discuss new ideas to support young people and work on concrete projects to turn these ideas into reality.

But there is more. The Youth Network Event aims to build a strong partnership between the European Parliament and youth organisations, as well as between organisations themselves. It’s an opportunity to network and shape an active youth community. It fosters real dialogue and participation and influences the way the European Parliament reaches out to young people.

With the Youth Network Event, our commitment is simple:  engage with young people and youth organisations and consider their voices, every step of the way.

The first edition of the Youth Network Event took place in March 2019 in Brussels and was host to 84 participants from 70 youth organisations.  Better engagement, communication, support and co-creation of a community were amongst the topics brought up for discussion by the highly active participating youths who made this event a great success.  The Youth Network Event is now a fixed annual appointment as part of the European Parliament youth offer.