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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.  



  • Registrations for the event are open from 6 to 24 February. All young people between 16 and 30 years old can take part. Participation in the EYE is free of charge but participants need to arrange and cover their own travel and accommodation in Strasbourg. More information is available on the Take part page.

  • The European Parliament is committed to promote inclusiveness and civic engagement. Active and engaged groups of young people could apply to our call for a financial contribution to attend the event, which was open in December 2022. Priority was given to young people with disabilities, from rural or remote areas and/or from a disadvantaged socio-economic background.

    If you are interested in taking part in EYE2023, you may also contact Members of the European Parliament from your constituency or country, who may be able to sponsor a group to attend the event.

  • The EYE programme runs from 10:00 to 18:00 on 9 and 10 June, with concerts on both evenings in the EYE Village. The updated programme and schedule will be available in April. For more information, check the Programme page. 

  • It is up to you to organise your programme at the EYE and select the activities you want to attend. Participants who receive a financial contribution from the European Parliament are required to attend both days.

  • The EYE makes great efforts to promote sustainability and to implement actions that make the event more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In 2021, the EYE obtained the ISO 20121 certification for sustainable event management, which will be renewed for EYE2023.

  • The EYE organising team aims at continual improvement and we are very interested in your ideas. If you think there is something that should be improved or fixed to make the EYE more sustainable, please let us know at

  • We do not produce EYE-branded materials for sale. All registered participants will receive an EYE-branded tote bag and map at accreditation.

    The number of promotional materials distributed during the event will be kept to a minimum in order to reduce emissions associated with the production of these items as well as the waste resulting from unused products. We will do our best to ensure that any product available at the event is ethically sourced, environmentally friendly and produced in the EU, and we request this same approach of all activity organisers taking part in EYE2023.

  • Applications for international volunteers closed on 31 January. For young people from Strasbourg and its surroundings (living 150km around Strasbourg), applications are open until 15 March. More information on the volunteers website.

  • Following the event, the ideas, expectations and concerns from young people will be collected in the EYE Report distributed to all Members of the European Parliament. Some participants will be able to further develop the most inspiring ideas and present these directly to the MEPs during the EYE Hearing that will take place in autumn 2023.

  • The EYE is organised by the European Parliament in collaboration with a number of partners and programme contributors, including youth organisations, other EU institutions and international organisations. The European Parliament co-creates about half of the EYE programme with youth organisations and youth groups. Check out the Programme page to find more information on this.

  • The EYE aims to involve young people from a variety of backgrounds. Whether you are at school, at university or on the job market, a member of a youth organisation or just a group of friends, your participation in the event will be of great value.


  • From 6 to 24 February, you can express your interest in participating in the event. By the end of February, you will be notified whether your registration has been accepted or not. EYE is an event for young people between 16 and 30 years old, from the EU and the world. Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, taking into account geographical, age and gender balance. Participation in the EYE is free of charge but participants need to arrange and cover their own travel and accommodation in Strasbourg. For more information, check the Take part page.

  • The registration of groups for EYE2023 has changed from previous editions. Starting this year, each member of the group will need to register individually by filling in the registration form.

    To accommodate group registrations, special questions in the form have been added. If you are coming as part of a group, make sure to select answer “yes” to the relevant question. Then new fields will appear: one related to the name of the group and one related to the name of the group responsible. To make sure your group is identified, all you have to do is to choose a group name and a group leader and make sure each member fills in the two fields in the same way.

  • Please make sure to check your spam box to see if the registration link is there or wait a few hours before checking again. If the email is still missing, please contact our helpline.

  • Please make screenshots of the error(s) and contact our helpline for further instructions.

  • If the registration process is still open, try to register again. If not, please contact our helpline.

  • Unfortunately, once the registration is closed you will not be able to register for the event anymore, so make sure to apply fast! You may however still take part in the activities organised in the EYE Village, which are open to participants without prior registration. And you can also take part in the EYE online programme.

  • No, unfortunately, for security reasons, only participants who will have registered between 6 and 24 February will be able to follow the whole programme of the event. However, the programme in the EYE Village remains accessible to young people without prior registration.

  • To access the Parliament during EYE2023, journalists and journalism students need to be accredited. If you do not hold an inter-institutional media accreditation or annual media accreditation at the European Parliament, you will need to apply here: media accreditation @EYE2023.

    When applying, you will need to provide one of the following: the copy of a valid press card, a recent assignment letter issued by the editor, a recent assignment letter issued by your journalism school, or an invitation letter from the European Parliament. The letter needs to be signed and it needs to be on official letterhead and should specify name, function of the journalist/journalism student and that the accreditation will be used to access the European Parliament premises during EYE2023. You cannot nominate yourself.

    For freelance journalists only: you will need to provide a proof of journalistic activity (a recent by-lined publication(s) and corresponding evidence of payment of your freelance activity).

    At the EYE accreditation centre, you will be able to pick up your yellow bracelet (more information will be shared via email once your application is approved).

    Only people accredited as a journalist and with the yellow bracelet can use professional equipment for recording. No media accreditation is necessary for recording or taking pictures with a smartphone or small digital camera.

    People with a yellow bracelet have access to all EYE2023 activities.


  • All duly registered participants for the event will be notified via email of the opening date for booking activities (spring 2023). Booking of activities will take place in the platform where participants registered.

  • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish interpretation will be available for a number of activities. Selected activities will be interpreted in more languages and some even in all official EU languages. International Sign Language interpretation is available upon request. More information about interpretation will be available in the Programme.

  • Don’t worry! There are many nice activities in the EYE programme, so if the ones you wanted to attend are fully booked, look for other options. There are also many activities that don’t require prior registration, such as drop in activities, stands, and artistic performances.

    At the EYE, you can also pass by the activities that are fully booked, to see if there’s still any space in the room. If some of the participants that booked the activity don’t show up until the moment it’s about to start, you could have their place in the room.

  • If you booked an activity but arrive late to the room, you can still join if there is still space. Once the activity starts, other participants that didn’t book the activity but are interested in joining and arrive on time can be let in, so you will have to check if there’s still space!

  • No, but in selecting activities it is best to pay attention to their description and the format. The description will give you an indication of the level at which a topic will be discussed. The format will tell you whether the activity is a panel, a workshop, an artistic performance or a roleplay game. All formats have different levels of interaction.

  • The EYE will invite mostly young, inspiring thinkers, political decision-makers and key figures from the fields of business, research, culture and civil society. Stay tuned to our Programme page for more details.

Travel & accommodation

  • Strasbourg is connected to the European rail and road system. It also has an international airport and is not very far from other international airports in Paris, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden and Basel. We recommend you choose the most eco-friendly option for your travels. More info can be found in the Travel section.

  • The best option is to use public transport. More information on transportation can be found in the Travel section.

  • There will a be parking space for groups coming by bus. For the participants coming to Strasbourg by private bus, a large parking space for buses will be set up close to the EYE premises. To use the parking, the head of group has to request it to the helpline.

    A bike parking will also be available between the European Parliament buildings and the EYE Village.

    Participants coming by van or car will however need to find their own parking space.

  • We can provide you with a letter proving that you are invited to take part in EYE2023, specifying the date and place where the event will take place and including your ID details. To request this letter, please email Keep in mind this is not an official invitation.

  • There are many options depending on your budget. It is up to each participant to arrange his or her accommodation and travel arrangements. Check out our Accommodation section.

At the event

  • We recommend to arrive one day before the start of the event and to accredit on Thursday afternoon. This allows you to access the EYE premises quicker on Friday morning and avoiding any potential queues at the accreditation centre.

  • Before the event, you can connect with other participants through the EYE social media channels such as the EYE friends Facebook group. During the event, there will be activities specifically designed to facilitate meeting other participants, online as well as physically.

  • You will have access to the areas of the Parliament dedicated to the event. This includes the regular visitors’ areas as well as the main meeting rooms where parliamentary activities take place, including the Hemicycle. In the programme you will find briefings about the European Parliament which will take you around the premises. Check out our Programme page for more details.

  • There is no dress code. However, please make sure that when you enter the Parliament building you are not wearing objects or clothing displaying political statements or overt commercial identification intended for ‘ambush’ marketing. If so, you may be refused entry.

  • You will have free Wi-Fi access on the premises of the event. Also, while you are in France, you don’t have to pay any additional charges to use your mobile phone from another EU country. Your calls (to mobile and fixed phones), text messages (SMS) and data services are charged at domestic rates, i.e. the same price as calls, texts and data within your home country. Thank you European Union for that!

  • Yes, but you cannot bring alcoholic beverages.

  • Food and refreshments will be available both inside Parliament building and in the EYE Village. More details (menus and prices) will be published on our Meals page.

    Free drinking water points are located throughout the site, both in the EYE Village and in the EP buildings. Please do not forget to bring your own water bottle with you!

  • Alcoholic drinks will only be served in the EYE Village during the evening concerts.

  • The average high temperature during June in Strasbourg is 23° and the average low is 13°. It is advisable to bring your umbrella.


  • Our aim is to accommodate the needs of all participants, including persons with different kinds of disabilities. In case you need assistance, please contact our helpline. More detailed information will follow closer to the event.

  • The European Parliament strives to make the EYE accessible to all young people. For deaf and hearing impaired participants, the European Parliament offers international sign-language interpretation, induction-loop system, speech-to-text automatic captioning and translation for online activities. For participants with a physical disability, the European Parliament has ensured that all the activities and spaces are accessible by installing ramps where necessary and providing wheelchairs at the entrance of the Parliament if needed. Special vans can be foreseen to connect the event’s site to your hotel or any other location in Strasbourg. A special podium is foreseen in front of the stage for participants with a physical disability. For participants requiring a quiet place, a quiet room has been set up inside the Parliament, equipped with exercise balls, bean bags, slimy jelly, mandala sheets, white paper and colour pencils, squishy toys, fairy lights, weighted blankets. Please contact the helpline should you wish access any of the measures and spaces in place.

  • The EYE will provide international sign-language interpretation, induction-loop system, speech-to-text automatic captioning and translation for online activities. More detailed information will follow closer to the event. In case you need assistance, please contact our helpline.

  • Yes, special vans can be foreseen to connect the event’s site to your hotel or any other location.

    Please contact the helpline should you wish access any of the measures and spaces in place.

  • There is parking nearby the EYE premises with a possibility to drop-off participants next to the EYE Village.

Safety & privacy

  • Several security checks will be organised to allow access to the Welcome and Accreditation Centre, the EYE Village as well as to the Parliament buildings. Security agents will be present on the premises, prepared to react quickly when required. More detailed information will follow closer to the event.

  • In case of a medical emergency (even a small one), healthcare professionals in France need parents/legal guardians to give consent for them to provide treatment to people that are under 18 years old and to let them leave the first aid services.

    It is your responsibility to make sure all members of your group that are under 18:

    • provide the information that we requested them via email and;
    • always bring with them this form that needs to be filled in and signed by their parents/legal guardians.
  • The EYE is closely following the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequences of the war in Ukraine, and will respect and implement all appropriate safety and security measures.

  • Should you experience or witness any kind of inappropriate behaviour, please contact the Trusted person available throughout the event to support you and help seek peaceful and respectful solution for any tensions or incidents that may occur. Contact details will be available closer to the event.

    More information on the EYE2023 Code of Conduct.

  • Yes, if you are experiencing any issues you can find the medical services inside the Parliament building and outside in the EYE village.

    In case you need a quiet space, we also have a quiet room at your disposal equipped with exercise balls, bean bags, slimy jelly, mandala sheets, white paper and colour pencils, squidgy toys, fairy lights, weighted blankets.

  • Only people accredited as a journalist and with the yellow bracelet can use professional equipment for recording. Apply here for media accreditation @EYE2023.

    No media accreditation is necessary for recording or taking pictures with a smartphone or small digital camera.

  • Then do not come to the EYE! Please be aware that EYE2023 will be covered by filming crews and photographers. By taking part in the event, you are giving your consent to and authorize the European Parliament, the right to film, photograph, and to make sound recordings of you, and to use this media for promotional purposes. Please note that the European Parliament has no control over the use and distribution of the video footage and photographs captured by individual participants.

  • There will not be any lockers at the event, but a luggage deposit is foreseen in the accreditation centre for large luggage.

  • There will be all-gendered restrooms in the EYE Village only.