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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.  

The FAQs are divided in 3 categories and ordered alphabetically. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact our helpline.

 EYE2021 general information 

  • When and where - When and where is the EYE taking place?

    EYE2021 will run online activities from 4 October, leading up to the main event on 89 October 2021, which will feature both online and in-person activities in Strasbourg, as well as new hybrid formats. For more information, check the Programme section.

  • Accessibility - I have a disability, is it still possible for me to participate in the event?

    Our aim is to accommodate the needs of all participants, including persons with different kinds of disabilities. In case you need assistance, please contact our helpline 

  • Activities: booking - When can I book the activities I want to take part in?

    All duly registered participants for the event in Strasbourg and for the online event will be notified of the opening date for booking activities (September 2021). 

  • Age-specific activities - Are there activities for specific age ranges?

    No, but in selecting activities it is best to pay attention to their description and the format. The description will give you an indication of the level at which a topic will be discussed. The format will tell you whether the activity is a panel, a workshop, an artistic performance or a roleplay game. All formats have different levels of interaction. 

  • Languages - In what languages will EYE activities take place?

    English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Polish interpretation will be available for a number of activities. Selected activities will be interpreted in more languages and some even in all official EU languages. International Sign Language interpretation is available upon request. More information about interpretation will be available in the programme. 

  • Meet other participants - How can I connect with other participants?

    Before the event, you can connect with other participants through the EYE social media channels such as the EYE friends Facebook group and on the event platform. During the event, there will be activities specifically designed to facilitate meeting other participants, online as well as physically. 

  • Organiser of the event - What is the European Parliament's involvement in organising the event?

    The EYE is organised directly by the European Parliament in collaboration with a number of partners. Check out the Programme page to find more information on this. 

  • Outcome - What will be the follow-up to the EYE?

    EYE2021 is the culmination of the European Parliament’s youth consultation process for the Conference on the Future of Europe. Starting in May 2021, in collaboration with pan-European youth organisations, young people’s ideas on the future of Europe will be collected on the platform. EYE2021 participants will explore these ideas in ideation workshops during the event. After a public voting process during EYE2021, the ideas will be consolidated into a report, presented to the Members of the Conference and fed into the political debate of the Conference.  

    Learn more about the Conference on the Future of Europe. 

  • Speakers - What kind of speakers will address the event?

    The EYE will invite mostly young, inspiring thinkers, political decision-makers and key figures from the fields of business, research, culture and civil society. Stay tuned to our Programme page for more details. 

  • Sustainability - Is EYE2021 environmentally sustainable?

    The EYE makes great efforts to promote sustainability and to implement actions that make the event more sustainable and environmentally friendly. EYE2021 is in process of obtaining ISO20121 certification for sustainable event management. 

  • Target group - Does the EYE target a specific group of young people?

    The EYE aims to involve young people from a variety of backgrounds. Whether you are at school, at university or on the job market, a member of a youth organisation or just a group of friends, your participation in the event will be of great value. 

I am joining EYE2021 Online 

  • Activities online - I cannot attend physically to the event, where will you stream the activities?

    To make the event as accessible as possible for everybody we created the EYE2021 Online. On our event platform (link coming soon), you can see the schedule, watch some of the main activities but also watch exclusive content that will be available only online, without any registration! 

    If you wish to create your own calendar, chat with other members of the community, take part in the discussions and polls… register on the event and start reaching out! 

  • Account on the event platform - I cannot connect to my account on the event platform

    Try these different steps before getting in touch with the technical support 

    -Check your spam folder to retrieve your magic link or password. 

    -Update your internet browser. If it has not been done in a long time the platform and certain features may not work. 

    -If nothing worked, get in touch with swapcard to retrieve your account. 

  • Streaming on the event platform - The video does not start

    The solution may vary in function of the session. In most cases, refreshing the page should be enough. If it does not workcontact the helpdesk on the platform. 

I am attending the event in Strasbourg 

  • Accommodation - Where can I sleep?

    There are many options depending on your budget. Check out our Accommodation section. 

  • Alcohol - Will alcoholic drinks be served during the event?

    Alcoholic drinks will only be served in the EYE Village during the evening concerts. 

  • COVID-19: What are the health measures taken by the Parliament against the spread of COVID-19?

    In the light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, EYE is following the development of the sanitary situation in Europe and will respect and implement all appropriate safety measures. Check out our Covid-19 section. 

  • Duration of the event - Do I have to attend both days?

    It is not compulsory to attend both days.  

  • Dress code - Is there a dress code for the event?

    There is no dress code. However, please make sure that when you enter the Parliament building you are not wearing objects or clothing displaying political statements or overt commercial identification intended for ‘ambush’ marketing. If so, you may be refused entry. 

  • Food inside - Will I be able to bring my own food and drinks onto the European Parliament premises?

    Yes, but you cannot bring alcoholic beverages. 

  • Food and refreshments - Can I purchase food and drinks?

    Food and refreshments will be available both inside Parliament building and in the EYE Village. More details (menus and prices) will be published on our Meals page. 

  • Group leaders - What is a group leader?

    Every group needs to have a group leader, who will take responsibility for the group’s registration process and accreditation. If there are minors in a group, the group leader will have full responsibility for them. Group leaders need to be at least 18 years old as of 8 October 2021 and can be older than 30. 

  • Parliament visit - Will I have the chance to visit the Parliament during the event?

    You will have access to the areas of the Parliament dedicated to the event. This includes the regular visitors’ areas as well as the main meeting rooms of parliamentary activity, including the Hemicycle . No guided visits will be organised. 

  • Pictures and videos of me - What if I don't want to be in the pictures or videos?

    Please be aware that EYE2021 will be covered by filming crews and photographers. By taking part in the event, you are giving your consent to and authorize the European Parliament, the right to film, photograph, and to make sound recordings of you, and to use this media for promotional purposes. Please note that the European Parliament has no control over the use and distribution of the video footage and photographs captured by individual participants.  

  • Registration - What is the registration process?

    Groups: The European Parliament will add the group leaders on the registration platform. The group leader will then have to complete his registration and ask the other group members to register. All remaining group members are required to log their personal details on the registration website before the deadline. The group leader will ensure that all participants are correctly registered by 10/09. 

    Individuals: Individual registrations are limited. Once an individual has received the registration link and registered on the platform, the application will be assessed and the individual will be notified of the decision. The European Parliament reserves the right to reject individual registrations in order to preserve the geographical balance of participants at EYE2021 and respect to the maximum capacity of event.

    Registrations for individual participants are now closed.

    The online activities are open for everyone to attend and will take place on a dedicated platform.

    For detailed information check the Take part section. 

  • Security - What security measures will be in place at the event?

    Several security checks will be organised to allow access to the Welcome and Accreditation Centre, the EYE Village as well as to the Parliament buildings. Security agents will be present on the premises, prepared to react quickly when required. More detailed information will follow closer to the event. 

  • Taking pictures and videos - Can I take pictures and make videos?

    If you are a journalist or a participant that is bringing professional equipment for recording, you will need to request special accreditation by sending an email to: No special accreditation is necessary for recording activity with a smartphone or small digital camera. 

  • Transport in STR - How can I best move around in Strasbourg?

    The best option is to use public transport. Participants will be able to purchase a discounted tram ticket for travel around the city and to reach the Parliament. More information on transportation can be found in the Travel section. 

  • Transport to STR - How should I travel to Strasbourg?

    Strasbourg is connected to the European rail and road system. It also has an international airport and is not very far from other international airports in Paris, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden and Basel. More info can be found in the Travel section.

  • Visa - I need a visa; can you provide me with an official invitation?

    Yes, you will obtain more information once your registration is confirmed.

  • Weather - What is the weather like in Strasbourg in October?

    The average high temperature during October in Strasbourg is 15° and the average low is 6°. It is advisable to bring your umbrella and warm clothing!

  • Wi-Fi - Will there be free access to Wi-Fi?

    You will have free Wi-Fi access on the premises of the event. Also, while you are in France, you don’t have to pay any additional charges to use your mobile phone from another EU country. Your calls (to mobile and fixed phones), text messages (SMS) and data services are charged at domestic rates, i.e. the same price as calls, texts and data within your home country. Thank you European Union for that!