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EYE2021 Green track

Activities to save the planet: EYE2021 Green track

With the EYE2021 Green Track, the European Parliaments wants to give visibility to activities related to climate change and environment, where young people can play an important role. Want to know more? Read on!

The EYE2021 Green Track consists of a number of environment and climate change related activities organised by the European Parliament, their partners and youth groups alike.

The activities will vary in format and focus of content and allow participants to exchange ideas in the run up to the COP26 Youth Summit in September, COP26 in November 2021 and the Conference on the Future of Europe. Ideas will be gathered on and a first batch will be transmitted to the European Youth Delegates attending the Youth Summit of COP26 in a short report. At EYE2021, further ideas will be collected and will be fed into the EYE and the Conference on the Future of Europe report.

With the EYE2021 Green Track we want to amplify the youth voice in climate discussions. To do so, we are partnering with Generation Climate Europe, who as the Green Partner of EYE2021 are co-creating the Green Track with us. As the Green Partner, Generation Climate Europe will be gathering the best ideas from the Green Track activities, summarising them into the short report to be transmitted to the European Youth Delegates. At EYE2021, they will co-organise the panel “The other crisis: Has climate change been drowned out?”.

Want to follow the EYE2021 green track? Keep an eye on all activities:

On the Road to Glasgow: Opening the Green Track (EYE Online)

Read the Green Track report summarizing the ideas so far and make sure to share your ideas on, to make sure your voice is heard in the upcoming climate discussions