The Conference on the Future of Europe is a transparent and inclusive participatory democracy initiative on the future of the European Union. All Europeans now have the chance to discuss the future of Europe with people from across the EU, to have their say in what the European Union does, should do, and how it works out for them. Consultations will take place online and offline and bring together EU institutions, Member States’ governments, national parliaments, civil society, and individual citizens.

To make sure that the voice of young people from all around Europe is heard, we invite everyone to participate in the European Parliament’s youth consultations and leave their ideas on

The ideas submitted on platform from May to September 2021 will be carefully reviewed and analysed by a team of young editors, who will select the most popular and most often mentioned ideas and bring them to EYE2021. During the EYE, both online and offline EYE participants will have a chance to take part in the ideation workshops, where these ideas would be further discussed and developed. To choose the most prominent youth ideas from the consultations, participants will vote at the closing plenary of EYE2021.

While only the most popular and up-voted ideas per topic will be featured in the Youth ideas report for the Conference on the Future of Europe, that will be presented to the Members of the Conference and the Members of the European Parliament, all ideas submitted on will be available online for citizens to browse and search via a dedicated search tool.