Mission statement

The EYE (European Youth Event) brings thousands of young people from across the European Union and the world together both at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and online in order to share their ideas and shape Europe’s future. 


Core values of the EYE

The core values of the EYE are democracy, inclusiveness and co-creation, as well as a strong commitment to giving a voice to young people.


Sustainable development objectives

Ensure the event is inclusive and accessible

  • Ensure inclusive access to activities
  • Increase participation of young people from underrepresented backgrounds
  • Create a safe and secure environment for all participants and stakeholders
  • Make communication tools more accessible

Ecologically design all aspects of the event

  • Decrease the waste impact
  • Ensure adequate waste management
  • Measure and reduce the carbon footprint of the event
  • Raise awareness of participants’ carbon footprint

Engage youth and be a role model

  • Engage youth on sustainability and citizenship
  • Highlight good practices and foster their application
  • Communicate achievements
  • Optimise processes

The European Parliament is actively engaged in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. It has already committed to the Environmental Management Audit Scheme (EMAS) and to the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification.  

The ISO 20121 event sustainability management system international certification process initiated by the EYE complements this commitment and is fully in line with this global approach. The ISO 20121 standard sets a framework that supports the achievement of the sustainable development goals established for the EYE, aiming for continuous improvement and always in full respect of the legal, health, safety and other requirements applicable to the event.  

The Directorate for Campaigns is fully committed to ensuring the implementation of the EYE Sustainable Development Policy. To achieve this, the Youth Outreach Unit has been allocated with the necessary resources and is supported by the other relevant services of the European Parliament. Throughout this process, the Youth Outreach Unit is always driven by inclusivity, integrity, accountability, and transparency towards all stakeholders. 

EYE Sustainable Development Policy ISO 20121 event sustainability management – Attestation of conformity 2021-2023 EYE2023 –confirmation of compliance with ISO 20121 EYE2023: SD Action Plan 2023 Parliament’s environmental performance update (Environmental Statement)