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Food and drinks will be available onsite throughout the event, in the bars and restaurant inside the European Parliament and in the food trucks outside in the EYE Village. Expenses for any food or drinks are to be covered by participants.

The following will be on offer in the European Parliament:


  • Daily special €8,59 (vegan option) or €9,50 (meat option) 
  • 2 types of quiche, hot baguette and Pizza Margherita (€6,89)
  • Pasta bar (€6,89) 

Flower Bar, Hemicycle Bar and Canal Bar:

  • 8 types of sandwiches at a price of €3,49, €5,43 and €7,11
  • Jars of fruits (€4,53), organic raw vegetables (€4,92) or mixed salad (€7,88) 

Parlamentarium bar:

  • Four types of sandwiches at a price of €7,11
  • Jars of fruits (€4,53), organic raw vegetables (€4,92) or mixed salad (€7,88) 

All bars also serve nonalcoholic warm and cold drinks as well as pastries (€1,68), cakes (€2,20 – €4,92) and waffles (€3,24).

For groups of minimum 10 people, it is possible to order in advance sandwiches from the Canal bar (inside the European Parliament) or vouchers for the restaurant/canteen and pay either by bank transfer by 1 June, or pay cash or by card on pick up day. To order, download the form below and send it to the email address indicated in the form.

Form to order food from the Canal bar or the canteen at the European Parliament (EN/FR)

The canteen at the European Parliament is open from 11:30 to 14:30, while the bars are open from 10:00 to 17:00.

Food trucks will also serve drinks and food in the EYE Village from 11:30 to 15:30 as well as from 18:00 to 22:00. Non-alcoholic warm and cold drinks as well as a number of sweet treats should also be available throughout the day. Last, but not least, beer will be served during the two concert evenings.

An overview of the offer in the Village will be published soon.

Besides on-site catering facilities, Strasbourg offers a variety of restaurants. For more information, please consult the website of the Strasbourg Tourist Office.

Finally yet importantly, do not forget that you can also bring your own food and your refillable aluminum or plastic water bottle. Free drinking water will be at your disposal in the EYE Village and inside the Parliament.


Assistance for participants with reduced mobility

Upon request to the Helpline, EYE volunteers present at the entrance of the European Parliament self-service restaurant will assist people with disabilities during lunch. The cafés are equipped with tables and cash tills adjusted for people in wheelchair.