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Flash Eurobarometer Youth Survey

The future of the European project depends on young people: their association with democratic values, their willingness to embrace European identity and their active engagement in the political process. The European Youth Event aims at giving all young people access to European politics, showing them how they can actively engage in the political process. But what interests and motivates 16-30 year olds when it comes to politics, and what stops them from getting involved?

In its effort to become more accessible and inclusive in the future, the European Parliament commissioned a Flash Eurobarometer Youth Survey amongst more than 18.000 young people in all 27 Member States.

  • Which are the topics seen as priority amongst young people and which European values do they adhere most to?
  • Which media or social media channels do young people use most for what – and whom do they trust as a source of information on EU affairs?
  • Which “political engagement activities” are young people more likely to involve in – and what prevents them from involving if they don’t?

Curious to get the answers? Then check out the survey report, and you will find much more in there!

Additionally, two youth researchers have been asked to contextualise the survey results from a scientific perspective – a second report worthwhile reading as it raises as lot of issues that policy makers and EU institutions should and could be more aware of when engaging with young people in the future.


Youth Survey

  1. Executive summary survey results
  2. Survey Report
  3. Report Researchers
  4. Factsheets (one per Member State)
  5. Infographic
  6. Graphical presentation results


Please visit the Eurobarometer website by the European Parliament to get the full survey data set.